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Full Syllabus for All Subjects and Classes


  • Introduction to Shapes and Space
  • Number from one to nine
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Number from 10-20
  • Time
  • Measurement
  • Number from 20-50
  • Data Handling
  • Patterns
  • Numbers
  • Money
  • How Many


  • Weather and Seasons
  • Food and Water
  • Travel and Safety
  • Human Body
  • Plants
  • Clothes
  • My Family and School
  • Family tree


  • Animals
  • Living Spaces
  • Sources of Water
  • Means of Transport
  • Festivals
  • Odd One out
  • Spot the difference
  • Save Electricity and Water
  • National Symbols of India
  • Important Dates of the Year
  • Body Awareness
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Safety and Security
  • Good Touch & Bad Touch


  • Revision of Alphabets
  • Small Letters
  • Capital Letters
  • Articles [A,AN &THE]
  • The Sentences
  • Noun
  • Gender
  • Singular and Plural
  • Pronouns
  • Use of Am/is/are
  • Use of Has /Have
  • Vowels & Consonant
  • Picture Composition
  • Story Writing
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions/Joining Words
  • Describing Words
  • Opposite Words
  • Use of This & That
  • Use of These & Those
  • Use of Who , what & How
  • Use of Where , Which & When
  • Spell Well
  • Rhyming Words
  • Introduction to How many & How much
  • Riddles
  • Application Writing

English [Grammar]

  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Opposite
  • Tenses
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunctions
  • Singular & Plural
  • Young One of Animals
  • Animal Sound
  • Silent letters
  • Riddles
  • Picture Compositions
  • Articles


  • Numbers
  • Operations on Number : Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Mixed Operations
  • Multiplications
  • Divisions
  • Geometry
  • Patterns
  • Time & Calender
  • Measurements : [Length & Height
    Mass & Weight
    Volume & Capacity]
  • Data Handling
  • Fractions



  • Love your Family
  • Respecting Others
  • Helping Others
  • Treating everyone fairly
  • Learning to say , I am sorry & Thank you.
  • Being Brave
  • I love`nature
  • Love your land
  • Being Different
  • Someone who cares
  • Ahimsa -The message of India

English Grammar

  • Prepositions
  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Tenses
  • Adjectives
  • PronounsPronounsPronouns



  • Students will be able to differentiate between the different sources and types of food.
  • They will have a better understanding of the basic needs of human beings, be it- Air, Water, Shelter or Clothes. Moreover, the ability to reason and comprehend objects will enhance.
  • They will be in a better position to explore the world of animals and plants; even exploring things in the outer space.


  • The course will promote children’s exploration with various facts and properties of numbers which lead to many important aspects of the use of mathematics in daily life activities.
  • The concepts like factors, multiples, common factors, multiples, fractions and decimals lead to classification of numbers into various interesting groups.
  • Children will also explore to measure length, area or volume a specified unit is required.
  • Selecting a unit is an arbitrary act and the units are only conventions accepted by all to bring in uniformity for measurement.


  • Students will be able to identify different sources of water, can explore human organ systems, learn the need of food and its preservation, to understand how different animals and plants adapt to their surroundings.
  • They will have better understanding about main sources of energy, learning of force with illustrations.
  • To understand the transition from olden to modern day transport system & create awareness about animals.
  • Able to explore different culture and traditions and will understand the importance and value of all occupations
  • Learning with fun to ensure that students must get the complex topics of science with ease.
  • The curriculum was made to make students learn the basic issues of the country along with stories and the complex topics like WORK AND ENERGY, FRICTION, FORCE, LIGHT etc with the help of live demonstration through experiments and with real life examples.
  • Chapter like HOME AND ABORAD made the students learn about the topics which are gonna help them to enhance their general knowledge as well.


  • Class-5’s Mathematics will help the learners get aquainted with all the basic mathematical tools like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Factors, Multiples, Measurement, Shapes, Angles etc.
  • This grade’s mathematics will have direct influence on all the future grades, it is utmost important for the learners to be clear with grade 5 content so that they can understand the subject and will be able to apply the Maths in real life as well.


  • Students are expected to learn the super senses and unusual features (Sight, smell, hear, sleep, sound etc) of animals and their responses to surroundings.
  • They will identify and learn the functions of different organ systems, to learn and record observations/experiments/phenomena on air,light, water, states of matter as to establish relation between cause and effect.
  • They will be in better position to learn and validate the importance of natural resources.
  • The curriculum was made to make students learn the basic issues of the country along with stories and the complex topics like WORK AND ENERGY, FRICTION, FORCE, LIGHT etc with the help of live demonstration through experiments and with real life examples.
  • Chapter like WHO WILL DO THIS WORK make the kids understand the societal evils and chapter like WHOSE FORESTS gives the students insights about how the forest produce and forest good belongs to everyone on this planet &importance of saving our energy resources


  • Extend understanding of proportional relationships and make connections to linear equations and functions.
  • Extend ratio understanding to scale drawings and dilations.
  • Evaluate numeric expressions using the order of operations.
  • Write and interpret expressions involving variables and whole-number exponents.
  • Learn how to use geometry effectively through various operations.
  • They will have a thorough understandingof different mathematical operations alongwith their real life application.


  • Teaching focused on complete in and out of motion an measurement with live demo and enhance their learning capabilities about light, shadow and reflection along with magnetism, magnetic field lines.


  • Students wil identify and differentiate materials, organisms and processes based on observable properties, components of habitat as biotic and abiotic; Conducting simple investigations to seek answers to queries, e.g., What are the food nutrients present in animal fodder. To explain processes and phenomenon, body movements in animals. Makes efforts to protect environment, care for plants.


  • The learner gains the quality of explaining processes and phenomenon, e.g., Processing of plant fibres.draws labelled diagrams / flow charts of organisms and processes, e.g.,water cycle Able to apply learning of scientific concepts in day – to – day life,e.g.,separating materials; selecting season appropriate fabrics; suggesting ways to cope with heavy rain/ drought, etc. Able to conduct simple investigations to seek answers to queries ,e.g., Can all physical changes be reversed?


  • Enduring Understandings.
  • Mathematics is a language of patterns and relationships.
  • Physical situations can be modeled mathematically.
  • Mathematical understanding is built through problem solving and reasoning.
  • Problems can be approached from multiple perspectives.
  • Mathematical ideas are communicated through a variety of representations.


  • Students will be able to understand the basics of Electricity along with magnetic and heating effect of it.
  • They will also learn about laws related to light and its application in mirrors and lens.
  • They will be introduced to the graphs in motion and along with numericals related to speed, distance & time.
  • Students will also learn about Basics of Heat along with different mode of heat transfer and types of thermometer.
  • Lastly, they will learn how wind blow from one place to another along with different destructive storms in nature.


  • The learner finds keen interest in Development of analytical problem solving skills in the major areas of chemical study.
  • Understanding of the underlying theoretical principles that explain chemical behavior at the atomic, molecular, and macroscopic levels.
  • Able to identify and explore materials and organisms based on properties/characteristics, e.g., Plant and Animal fibres; physical and chemical changes.


  • Students will be able to draw labelled diagrams/ flow charts e.g., organ systems in human and plants; In human in plants and Animals, tranportations, respirations and mode of nutrients.discusses and appreciates stories of scientific discoveries.
  • Applies learning of scientific concepts in day-to-day life, e.g. cultivation by vegetative propagation.
  • Makes efforts to protect environment, e.g., planting trees to avoid soil erosion; sensitising others with the consequences of excessive consumption of natural resources, etc.


  • Understand the foundations of mathematics.
  • Be able to perform basic computations in higher mathematics.
  • Be able to read and understand middle-level proofs and basic proofs.
  • Develop and maintain problem-solving skills.
  • Use mathematical ideas to model real-world problems and to be able to communicate.
  • mathematical ideas with others.
  • Have experience using technology to address mathematical ideas.


  • Comprehending the basics of force and pressure through experimental analysis.
  • Understanding friction force in detail with its types.
  • Learning the basics of sounds with STEM analysis.
  • Defining the basis of the chemical effect of electric current and understanding the natural disasters.
  • Learning the basic laws of reflection and understanding its applications.
  • Concluding with stars and solar system – understanding different constellations.


  • The students gains the knowledge to Classify materials a based on properties/ characteristics, writes word equation for chemical reactions,e.g., metals and non metals.
  • Conduct simple nvestigations to seek answers to queries, e.g, Conditions required for combustion? Relate processes and phenomenon with causes, e.g., smog formation with the presence of pollutants in air; deterioration of monuments with acid rain, etc.
  • Exhibit creativity in designing, planning, making use of available resources, etc.


  • To understand the different cropping patterns.
  • To learn the different types of Irrigation methods and their importance.
  • To know about diseases caused by microbes and their necessary treatments / vaccines.
  • Brief idea about National Park, Biosphere Reserve and Wildlife sanctuary.
  • To be able to distinguish between endemic, endangered and extinct organisms.
  • To know the different types of cells, and to get a brief idea about cell organelles and their function.
  • To be able to distinguish between the different types of Reproduction, Steps Involved in Sexual Reproduction : Frtilization, Implantation, etc.
  • To understand the different physical, physiological and psychological changes that any adolescents go through.


  • To understand the representations of rational and Irrational numbers.
  • To get a feel of how irrational numbers complete our Number System.
  • Understanding basic properties of Surds.


  • Application of basic physical terms and comprehensive numerical approach to defining basic laws.
  • All of mechanics including solids and fluids will be covered.
  • Basics of sound continued from previous class will be covered.
  • All theory with experimental analysis shall form the core of the course.


  • Student would be able to Plan and conduct investigations and experiments to arrive at and verify the facts, principles, phenomena, or to seek answers to queries on their own, such as,investigates conditions necessary for rusting.
  • Describes scientific discoveries and inventions, such as, discovery of various atomic models, uses scientific conventions, symbols, and equations to represent various quantities, elements, and units, such as, SI units, symbols of elements, formulae of simple compounds, chemical equations, etc.


  • Understanding Fundamental of Cell Biology, and importance of Plant and Animal Tissue.
  • To learn the diversity of living organisms existing in this biosphere. Understanding the basics of disases, it’s types, method of spread ,prevention and ultimately treatment.
  • Exploring the type of Natural Resources and biogeochemical Cycle existing.
  • Understanding the layers of atmoshere and how to avoid pollution of air, water, soil.
  • Understanding methods of improvement of Food resources and some important methodology for Crop variety and production improvement and Crop protection management


  • To develop and maintain problem-solving skills & strategies to apply the concept of different chapters in daily life situations.
  • To generalise properties of numbers and relations among them studied earlier to evolve results, such as, Euclid’s division algorithm, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic and applies them to solve problems related to real life contexts & to Develop mind set for competitive exams.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for Higher classes.


  • The active learner takes initiative to know about scientific discoveries and inventions, such as, Dobereiner triads of elements, Mendeleev’s periodic table.
  • Scientific conventions to represent units of various quantities, symbols, formulae, and equations, such as, balanced chemical equation by using symbols and physical states of ubstances.
  • Students would be able to differentiate materials, objects organisms, phenomena, and processes, based on, properties and characteristics, such as, various types of reactions, strong and weak acids and base and salts using different indicators.
  • Able to differentiate Metals and non-metals, acid and bases on the basis of their physical and chemical properties.


  • The learning of Physics in 10th standard involves concepts of Light & Electricity as foundation of building blocks of scientific part of the subject.
  • These subjects had pondered the most intllectual minds of physics fraternity.
  • Understanding these concepts requires logical thinking, mental ability to grasp the difficulty and analytical approach to solve the complexity of the situation.
  • So, here we invite to you to mind boggling journey to truly understand the natural laws of light & electricty as it is.


  • To understand basics of human physiology (digestion, respiration, circulation, excretion), coordination of movements in organisms, reproductive organs, fertilisation and reproductive health.
  • To understand inheritance of characters, accumulation of variations that lead to evolution, theories of evolution.
  • To create awareness on ecosystems and factors affecting our environment and management of natural resources.


  • Develop a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics.
  • Identify, concretise, symbolise and use mathematical relationships in everyday life.
  • To develop skills to use applications of different concepts and questions for competitive exams like IIT JEE, Olympiads and KVPY.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for Higher classes.


  • To have a deep understanding on diversity of living organisms, plant and animal morphology and anatomy.
  • To understand various physiological processes in plants and animals.


  • Understanding of the applications of the four Quantum Numbers.
  • Learning to write the modern electronic configuration with rules Hund’s, Pauli’s, Aufbau Principle.

Students Love Olee


Class 7

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Class 11


Class 7

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Class 10

Soma Malakar

1 March 2023   

The educational platform is excellent, with outstanding teachers and technology. The addition of coins, tags, and feedback enhances the experience. The mentor, Anjali, is especially supportive, offering individual sessions and feedback. She’s always available to handle any queries.

Noor Alam

28 February 2023   

The teacher here is really good at explaining us subjects it is really interesting and fun learning. Every teachers are good but i like udit sir . Udit Sir made me love Physics and now i find learning Physics by them. We all get personal mentor teacher who help in subjects and anything else that is based on your doubt. Nikhil sir is my mentor. I would rate oda a 5 stars.

14 March 2023   

Jayeeta Goswami

Using this app makes learning delightful and it’s very user-friendly. The instructors are always supportive and responsive to all my inquiries. Having round-the-clock assistance from my mentors has been invaluable. After a year with “oda”, I’m eager to continue our association, and I’m deeply grateful to my guiding teacher.

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